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They’re Off … To Ireland

Aisling Irish Night at the Races

Another great evening at the races for Aisling and our supporters and friends is coming our way. The Irish Night at Windsor race course on the evening of Monday 4th June will be sponsored by Irish businesses who will be donating the sponsorship money to Aisling. A marquee is being put up in the grounds of the racecourse near the river for the sponsors and other supporters to gather and enjoy the racing. Music and refreshments have been sponsored by other Irish businesses to provide maximum enjoyment and a winning ticket for Aisling on the night. While the cost tickets for the sponsors is expensive and limited to businesses supporting Aisling the event itself is open to all and many special deals are available for anyone who would like to attend, including a trip on a river boat on the way from the station to the track, so come along and enjoy a great evening of racing in a lovely setting and support one of your favourite charities. Check it all out here: