Happy St. Paddy’s Day to Ya

Such as it is with the times that are in it we are having to have a go at the first ever non- social Paddy’s Day (our favourite pub the Sheephaven Bay in Camden has closed). Back on the ould sod ructions were flying over the hoards of drunken revellers in Temple Bar, Dublin’s pissed up and alfresco pissing ghetto. Normally the levels of Ibiza–style boozing in Ireland’s party capital is seen as a good barometer of the country’s economic health. Well these aren’t normal times it seems and our beleaguered non-Taoiseach decided to close all pubs, bars and restaurants before the day itself (he had previous of trampling over our national sensibilities anyway). The other demographic getting a tongue lashing from the nation is the errant hundred thousand or so punters who crossed over the water and made it to Cheltenham before the finishing line came down on the horse racing industry and are now getting a tongue lashing for putting the rest of the country at risk.

Aisling too has had to socially isolate in the interests of our vulnerable clients most of whom fall within the at-risk demographic. We are maintaining telephone contact and letting everyone know that we are available to bring around emergency provisions. Like everyone else we have to watch and await developments. Our usual trip to Ireland this time of year and our visits to parades in Dublin and around the country are off. Our invite to dinner at Ardal O’Hanlon’s and Deirdre Robinson’s houses will not be happening this national day. The drowning of the Shamrock and embracing the Viking and leprechaun in all of us with cheap plastic tat from China will no longer be compulsory.

In short we will be distancing and isolating as best we can to protect the vulnerable, looking out for Aisling folk and awaiting signs of a miracle to banish this viper of a virus from our shores. Come on St. Patrick do your stuff…