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Alex McDonnel

An Irishman Abroad

Jarlath Regan, funny man and ace auctioneer as well as one of our many friends in the comedy business runs a podcast called An Irishman Abroad. The podcast has been running since 2013 and has over 600 posts to it’s credit with almost any Irish person you can think of in the world of sport,… Read More

john hinde pic

Happy St. Patrick’s Day To Youse All

I thought you might like a picture of sweet innocent times in these dark days for the day that is in it. Everyone over 50 must have sent or received one of these masterpieces of Irish nostalgia by John Hinde where hair was never so red and grass was never so green and even the… Read More


RIP Joe McGarry

I saw Joe before I met him on the Channel 4 documentary ‘What Do You Want Paradise?’ which was screened in 1993. He appeared in another documentary shot in the House during the refurbishment called ‘Men of Arlington’, he was also photographed for the ground-breaking novel of emigration, I Could Read The Sky and in… Read More

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Aisling All the Way

Mary and Joseph were travelling in a strange land when they were turned away from the inn while looking for shelter. There is an obvious lesson here for us all to be more charitable to the homeless (and refugees/migrants) particularly at Christmas. Yet the birth of baby Jesus in a stable does not seem to… Read More

race flyer 2021

A Day At The Races

We are taking the reins once again and we are lining up for our fundraising day at the races at Windsor race course on 7 September. We are champing at the bit to get out and have fun and meet old friends once more so please come along for the racing. The poster says we… Read More


The Times That Are In It

Things have been tough for Aisling as for everyone else but signs are that we may be heading into more stable waters thanks to the wonderful institution of the NHS which has pulled out all the stops in delivering vaccines to the people in the UK. Things are taking a more steady course in Ireland… Read More

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Sona Fheile Padraig

When I think of St. Patrick’s Day last year I remember my disappointment that it was the very day the pubs closed. At least the one I had hoped to spend a good part of the day in. Pat Logue decided quite early on before the government announced the first lockdown that he would not… Read More


Pops Johnny Connors

Johnny was 82 years old so he had a long life when he passed and it was also a very full, varied and fulfilling life. Not only did he leave behind many children and grandchildren but he also left behind a legacy written in words and music to rival many famous authors and songwriters from… Read More