A word from our sponsor – Best Christmas wishes to all Aisling friends

Our patron and friend Ardal O’Hanlon made a rare appearance at the Hammersmith Irish Cultural Centre last week to talk about his new Novel Brouhaha (makes a great Christmas present Brouhaha by Ardal O’Hanlon book for sale – Search (bing.com) ) with journalist Anne Flaherty. For over an hour Ardal discussed the book and his times growing up in the border territory where the book was set, with a roomful of fans and admirers. It is a compelling dark thriller but with plenty of humour as you would expect from one of the funniest stand ups in the business.

After the Q&A session Ardal must have signed a couple of hundred copies of his book in the bar always happy to chat as long as people wanted and as long as Fr. Ted didn’t dominate the conversation. Much as we all love it it’s 30 years since Ted so it must be wearing a bit thin for the man himself.

Ardal asked us to convey his best wishes for Christmas to all Aisling supporters and clients. So here it is…..