“Murder…On the Menu”

On Sunday, May 17th, 2015, detective skills – and an appetite – will be necessary at the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood, North London for the Aisling Return to Ireland project’s latest fundraising event.

Actors from the Green Curtain Theatre company will be presenting “From Flatfeet to Flatline”. Guests will enjoy a delicious two-course meal and an exciting evening of interaction whilst identifying the culprit in this lively “who-dun-it” mystery.

From the moment guests arrive at the hotel, they will be immersed in the murder mystery plot. Actors mingle with the diners during pre-dinner drinks and odd events will start to happen. An argument could develop, a fight may break out and, who knows, a murder may occur.

Members of the Flatfeet Admiration Club (Kilburn), a society set up to pay tribute to the world famous Irish dancer Michael Flatfeet, will be holding their committee meeting in the hotel at the same time. For some reason Daniel O’Donelly, its chief financial officer has decided to bring the committee meeting forward by a full month. What has he discovered? Does it have anything to do with the money saved to visit Michael Flatfeet‘s birthplace in America? No one knows. What will happen at the meeting? Will they all survive? It will be the guests’ job to find out.

Mary Leyne, from the Aisling Project said: “We are delighted that this collaboration between Aisling, the Crown Moran hotel and Green Curtain theatre has allowed us to add a murder mystery event to our fundraising calendar. We hope that the public will support this event.”

Tickets which cost £25 are available from

Further details can be found on the Green Curtain website