Recent loss of service

Everyone here at Aisling apologises for the recent loss of service on our website. I don’t know what happened but we were frantically trying to find a solution for three weeks until eventually our friends at Nimbusweb along with our old friend and web developer Jim McCool sorted out the problem and hopefully we should have no more… Read More


Moving to Galway

I have heard it said many times that dependency problems can be inherited along with many other personality traits and talents, physical attributes etc. After many years with Aisling we have noticed family traits repeated in later generations often jumping generations and leaping across family members. A very good friend of mine who I met… Read More

irish night guinness

Irish Night at Windsor Races

We had a great night out at Windsor races on the 4th of June. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our fundraising committee of Tom Corkery from Gallagher Group, Sarah Finucane of The Craic magazine, Gerry Keany from Cara Stationary and Dermot O’Grady from Ardent Tide we managed to raise £30,000 for the Aisling Project… Read More

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They’re Off … To Ireland

Another great evening at the races for Aisling and our supporters and friends is coming our way. The Irish Night at Windsor race course on the evening of Monday 4th June will be sponsored by Irish businesses who will be donating the sponsorship money to Aisling. A marquee is being put up in the grounds… Read More

ALAN :: In Ireland

Death of a Figurehead

The Aisling logo was designed by Declan Fahy and features one of our first Aisling clients, taken from an iconic photograph by Deirdre O’Callaghan. Alan MacDonald came on our trip to Wexford about 15 years ago and while we were there we went to visit his home town of Enniscorthy. Alan and I went for… Read More

Against the Odds_picture

Against All Odds

Our good friends at Green Curtain Theatre are producing a small theatre tour of London Irish venues. This is a great chance to see original theatre from experienced performers and is definitely not to be missed.

Swords 17

Living Like The One Percent

Bob Geldof earned a lot of kudos for Band Aid and a lot of sympathy when his wife and daughter died but it seems that he has squandered a bit of both lately. He handed back his freedom of the city of Dublin award before Christmas to protest at the same honour being given to… Read More

cheque at walkie talkie

Cheque from Kempton Romps Home in Square Mile

What a night we had at Kempton and all thanks to Tom, Sarah, Gerry and Dermot who put the work into make it a smashing success with £27,500 raised for Aisling. Another great night was to be had when we received the cheque at the Irish Post ‘Drinks in the City’ reception for Irish business… Read More