If You Brexit You Bought It

Brexit is throwing some unexpected curve balls our way. How many of the voters on the leave side thought about the ructions that may ensue when borders are reintroduced or when friends and family members are no longer welcome in Britain? This is a real possibility yet I know of many Irish people here in… Read More


Captains Log

The floor collapsed in the toilet of our office here in Agar Tower. I guess it was the weight of the solid gold bog seat like the one that Trump talks out of. The landlord eventually had a look and found dry rot running through to the other end of the office and that obviously… Read More


Happy Christmas and New Year

All the very best to Aisling friends and supporters for Christmas and the new Year. The spectacular featured image comers from a very special place which you can read about on the website in the report on our latest Trip to Swords: “The centre piece is a chandelier in Waterford Crystal made up of hundreds… Read More


Midwinter Light

Ardal O’Hanlon is very busy at the moment in fact I was watching TV the other evening and there were trailers on for two programmes featuring the man himself. One is a tour of Ireland in his company taking place over three hourly programmes and the other was: the Tree of the Year competition which… Read More


Aisling meets Niall Quinn

Aisling workers John Glynn and Mary Leyne were at The Claddagh Ring pub in Hendon on Saturday 26th November to celebrate the pub’s 25th anniversary. The occasion was thoroughly marked by a full weekend of fun with 6 bands playing on the Saturday night alone including Bible Code Sundays and Boxty. Niall Quinn football star… Read More


Mental Health Training

New Aisling volunteers and longer established Aisling folk gathered at the London Irish Centre on Saturday 12 November for mental health training, along with volunteers from the LIC. The training was provided by Voluntary Action Camden and it was very informative, designed specifically for Irish people and will help in our future work with clients. Thanks… Read More


Three Books

The last few months have been productive for Aisling featuring a very successful trip to Wicklow (see Cats and Crows). Many of the people we work with have suffered from a bad experience of emigration and as such find it very hard to go back home after so long away. Our whole purpose is to… Read More


Cats and Crows

A few months ago John met Pat who was attending a day centre in Camden Town. Pat comes to the centre a couple of mornings a week to use the shower there. Workers at the centre had tried to engage with Pat to find out his housing status etc. but Pat never had any engagement… Read More

john vintage

Irish Vintage Club supports Aisling Project

The London Irish Vintage Clun named Aisling as one of their favoured charities for last year Irish Vintage Rally at the grounds of Tir Connail Gaels GAA club at Greenford last June. It was an enormous success with many thousands turning out for a great day in the sunshine(see earlier posts). The event raised a… Read More

poster for race night 2016 (453x640)

Once again they are off!

Punters and patrons, friends of Aisling and regulars at London’s best Irish sports bar will be delighted to know that pub racing season is starting on Saturday June 4th at the Sheephaven Bay pub in Mornington Street, Camden Town, London NW1. Pat Logue the guvnor of the famous pub said: ‘This is one of the… Read More