Our Minibus Is Missing

Please help to find it. Answers to the name Aisling

I have some bad news to pass on. Our minibus was stolen from the street behind our office. It was last seen for sure 11 days ago and was definitely gone this Monday. We’ve been hoping for a sighting or something because it is distinctive with the stickers on the side thanking Gallagher, Murphy and the Irish Post but if it was professionally done that will be long gone now.

Hopefully it may still be recovered, anyone reading this who has any idea about what could have happened please get in touch at our office on 0207 485 7030. We have also asked the Irish Post to put it up on their media but we may have to think about replacing it soon. It is a white long wheelbase 17 seater Ford Transit minibus reg. no. GL62RXU with the aforementioned stickers on both sides, many thanks…