Captains Log

Star Date2017

The floor collapsed in the toilet of our office here in Agar Tower. I guess it was the weight of the solid gold bog seat like the one that Trump talks out of. The landlord eventually had a look and found dry rot running through to the other end of the office and that obviously needed to be repaired and then more dampness was found in the walls. So long story short version is we are camping out in the abandoned cab office upstairs. I am writing this sitting in the controllers chair feeling like Captain Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise during a meteor storm. Was that Mary or Officer Uhura flying past?

It’s a busy time for us too and Charlie and John are out outreaching most of the time which is for the best as we’re a bit pushed for space (and as you know space is the final frontier). Busy too writing progress reports for our main funding body the Irish Abroad Unit who administers the Emigrant Support Fund through the Embassy of Ireland here in London. Because of our relationship with the Embassy we are an outlet for distributing application forms for Irish passports and one noticeable aspect of the recent Brexit vote is the run on passport forms that we and every other Irish community group is experiencing. We are sending out 20 times the number of forms that we used to before the vote. The diversity of names and accents of our second and third generations is also very striking. It is obvious that regardless of the votes in favour of leaving the EU the multi-cultural Irish in London want to make sure they don’t lose their link to the continent. I reckon we are about to see a massive increase in Irish people living in London named in the 2021 census.