Xmas Greetings

I read somewhere that the early Christians used the letter X to identify themselves in early graffiti when they were members of an underground organisation outlawed by Rome and it is thought to refer to how Jesus was crucified in the shape of an X rather than a Cross (+). Citizen X, Mister X, The X Men and… Read More

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Aisling Comedy Benefit

Some of you may be going ‘Great… more top comedy from the Aisling Project at their regular venue, the beautiful Union Chapel, handily located in Highbury, with easy access to all London transport links and what a line up of some of the best comedy talent from Ireland and Great Britain and a great cause… Read More

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Our Minibus Is Missing

I have some bad news to pass on. Our minibus was stolen from the street behind our office. It was last seen for sure 11 days ago and was definitely gone this Monday. We’ve been hoping for a sighting or something because it is distinctive with the stickers on the side thanking Gallagher, Murphy and… Read More


The Migrant Life

Aisling will be celebrating our 25th anniversary later this year. It is a great achievement to have kept going this long and not only are we planning to expand our service in 2019 we are as enthusiastic now as we were when we began in 1994. In the last quarter century we have worked with… Read More


A Happy Christmas and New Year to all Aisling Friends

Wishing a joyous time to all of our friends and colleagues and supporters  over the holiday period. Next year marks a major achievement for the Aisling Project and we will be celebrating the occasion during 2019 so please come and join us at one or all of the events we will be holding to mark… Read More

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Marathon Achievement

Congratulations to  Ann Stephenson for completing the Dublin City Marathon. Aisling would like to thank Ann for making this great achievement on our behalf and for raising the fantastic sum of £1,585 for the Aisling Project. Ann herself said after her run: ” I enjoyed running the marathon, well most of it. The last two miles… Read More

Recent loss of service

Everyone here at Aisling apologises for the recent loss of service on our website. I don’t know what happened but we were frantically trying to find a solution for three weeks until eventually our friends at Nimbusweb along with our old friend and web developer Jim McCool sorted out the problem and hopefully we should have no more… Read More


Moving to Galway

I have heard it said many times that dependency problems can be inherited along with many other personality traits and talents, physical attributes etc. After many years with Aisling we have noticed family traits repeated in later generations often jumping generations and leaping across family members. A very good friend of mine who I met… Read More

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Irish Night at Windsor Races

We had a great night out at Windsor races on the 4th of June. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our fundraising committee of Tom Corkery from Gallagher Group, Sarah Finucane of The Craic magazine, Gerry Keany from Cara Stationary and Dermot O’Grady from Ardent Tide we managed to raise £30,000 for the Aisling Project… Read More