Aisling Trip to Wicklow, March 2011

There were a lot of memorable moments on this trip and it would be hard to choose only one to sum up this year’s Aisling group break in Wicklow but my favourite one was at Glasnevin cemetery on the beautifully summery day before Paddy’s Day. Gerry was standing looking lost with that uncertain smile he… Read More

Stones in Their Pockets – part 2

On the way back home Phyllis announced that she would like to visit her cousin in Spiddal. She had procrastinated about meeting her for some time but now as we were approaching Spiddal the time presented itself and we stopped and asked for the address in the local shop where she used to work. The… Read More


Stones in Their Pockets – part 1

Joe arrived from Robertson Street, a south London hostel where we do a lot of work with their Irish clients. Sarah, his keyworker brought him to Camden for the pick up and was beaming at the prospect of Joe going to Galway with Aisling. This will be his first trip home in 30 years and… Read More


Ancestral Homes – Alex McDonnell finds ancestors old and new on Aisling’s latest trip to our homes in Donegal and Derry.

The ferry companies were making hay in this sunshine unclouded by invisible dust particles and scalped us almost £100 per head for the privilege. It was the same old Ullyses though, no gold handrails on the stairs from the car deck or goose-feather down on the bunks, nor did we travel via the Mediterranean or… Read More


Flood Tribunals – Remembering the Aisling Trip to Mayo, December 2009

We crossed over to Dublin early in December into freezing fog and flooded fields. After breakfast at the always friendly and amazingly generous Collins’s café for freezing emigrants in Portmarnock we were fed and rested after a stressful journey and then headed off into white-out. Niamh Collins and her family always provide an exceptional breakfast… Read More


Good Morning Paddy’s Day

“Good morning, I was out for Saint Patrick’s day in Dublin yesterday and had the pleasure of meeting client’s of yours with John, I think his surname was Glynn….it was the first time in my life I was truly touched by a charity or organisation such as your own. My friends took some photos of… Read More


Human Kindness Overflowing

Sometimes things go just right. There is no way of knowing how or when the world is about to turn to our advantage but when it does the wheels on the wagon turn smoother and everyone’s smiles are broader. Well almost everyone. Margaret has had a tough life and there seems to be no sign… Read More


To Kingdom Come

Outside the Irish Centre in Camden we were loading up the minibuses with the returnees who had arrived for the trip to Kerry. We were already half an hour late and four of the clients and one volunteer worker were missing. We asked around the group if anyone had seen the missing lads recently, Donie… Read More