Aisling in Wicklow 2013

We had to work hard to get Patrick on this trip. He lives in a wet hostel in South London and although he has had sporadic contact with his family since he left he hasn’t been home for over 30 years. Since then many tragedies have occurred to his family including to his own children…. Read More

Among the Wicklow Hills

We were less than an hour away from Holyhead and in good time to make the ferry. John and Mary and the gang in the other minibus were well behind and would be lucky to get to the ferry on time. These days we only have one minibus and had to borrow another one from… Read More


Water Boys on Tour -Alex McDonnell writes of his and John Glynn’s annual Aisling ‘dry’ trip to Waterford with a group of recovering alcoholic emigrants.

We took a group of water-only boys to Waterford this year for the Tall Ships sailing race. The Waterboys were playing at the festival celebrating the sea and that’s a lot of water under the bridge. Interestingly for the first time since it was built we discovered that there may be a point to the… Read More


Aisling Trip to Wicklow, March 2011

There were a lot of memorable moments on this trip and it would be hard to choose only one to sum up this year’s Aisling group break in Wicklow but my favourite one was at Glasnevin cemetery on the beautifully summery day before Paddy’s Day. Gerry was standing looking lost with that uncertain smile he… Read More

Stones in Their Pockets – part 2

On the way back home Phyllis announced that she would like to visit her cousin in Spiddal. She had procrastinated about meeting her for some time but now as we were approaching Spiddal the time presented itself and we stopped and asked for the address in the local shop where she used to work. The… Read More