John, on the beach.The photos in this gallery were taken by Deirde O'Callaghan. They illustrate the work of the Aisling Return to Ireland Project.

These photos show the Irish Tenants of Arlington House, the UK's largest hostel for the homeless, both in the hostel, and on one of the Aisling Project's life-affirming trips to Ireland. On this trip, now an annual event, some of the Tenants were able to re-establish links with families which they had not contacted for many years...

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"The postive benefits of the Aisling Project on individuals who have undertaken trips to Ireland are many and varied: some have then been able to address personal problems, have undergone rehabilitation and are now in employment or training; a number have undertaken detoxification programmes on returning to Ireland; a number have been rehoused; bonds of friendship forged on the holiday are still maintained and enjoyed; while many others now maintain links with Ireland..."




All Photos © Deirde O'Callaghan 2002